Recruitment, Promoting, and Partnerships

Initiatives focused on attracting and supporting new businesses in Lane County.

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Uniting for Economic Growth and Innovation

Lane County confronts notable economic challenges, yet our community thrives through unity and effective collaboration. This collective effort is crucial in overcoming obstacles and driving growth. At CEDO, we are dedicated to accelerating job creation and enhancing economic prosperity. To achieve these goals, we focus on the following objectives:

Attracting High-Potential Businesses to the Region

CEDO actively seeks out and attracts high-potential businesses to Lane County, fostering economic growth and job creation. Through targeted business recruitment efforts, we connect with companies that have the potential to bring high-wage jobs to the region, helping bridge the wage gap and boost economic prosperity.

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Oregon Talent Concierge

CEDO's Oregon Talent Concierge service helps businesses connect with local educational institutions and workforce development programs to find and retain top talent. We understand the importance of having a skilled and qualified workforce to drive business success.

Sector Strategy Initiatives

CEDO implements a targeted approach to developing specific industry sectors that align with regional strengths and opportunities. By focusing on these sectors, we aim to drive economic growth, create high-wage jobs, and foster innovation.

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"It’s more than just recruiting high-wage companies; this community is small enough that a handful of volunteers can make a huge difference."
Matt Sayre

Co-founder Matt Sayre

Collaborate with Intention

We believe that the vision of bringing the local median income to that of the national average requires new thinking and a strategy that is anchored in authentic regional partnerships. Collaborative EDO invites anyone interested in joining the work of economic development in Lane County to reach out.

CEDO's work is supported by our valued partners

Sponsorship Opportunities

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