We're building a more prosperous and vibrant future for Lane County.

Through intentional and strategic collaboration, CEDO is bringing high-wage jobs to Lane County, supporting local businesses, and developing a self-sustaining economy. From the Cascades to the Coast, we’re growing our economy for the future.

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Creating a supportive environment for new and high-potential businesses.

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Catalyzing innovation with resources and support for startups and entrepreneurs.

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Enhancing the livelihood of our community through economic empowerment and workforce development.

Welcoming New Businesses; Supporting Existing Ones.

CEDO's programs and initiatives are designed to accelerate the creation of high-wage jobs in Lane County. By focusing on targeted business recruitment, entrepreneurial support, workforce development, business expansion, and strategic marketing initiatives, we aim to bridge the wage gap in the region.

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Targeted Business Recruitment

We actively recruit businesses that bring high-wage jobs to Lane County.

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We cultivate innovation by bringing resources to entrepreneurs and providing pathways to growth for startups.

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Community Empowerment

We focus on local business expansion, talent retention, on-the-job training, career tours and job fairs.

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A Vision of Regional Prosperity

Established in 2023 by Matt Sayre, Caitlin Vargas, and Nicole Desch while celebrating National Tater Tot Day, Collaborative EDO sprang from a vision of thriving prosperity across Lane County. With a regional approach, we're dedicated to creating opportunities that ensure no one is left behind—supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs, empowering students, and helping businesses flourish.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not static ideas, but rather an ongoing journey that demands dedication and a commitment to continual learning and advancement. Our organization is dedicated to realizing this vision by actively aligning our services, fostering collaborative partnerships, promoting community development, and embracing a multitude of perspectives and voices.

By embracing these principles, we aim to create an environment that celebrates and empowers individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring equal opportunities for success, and fostering a stronger, more inclusive community.

Collaborate with Intention

We believe that the vision of bringing the local median income to that of the national average requires new thinking and a strategy that is anchored in authentic regional partnerships. Collaborative EDO invites anyone interested in joining the work of economic development in Lane County to reach out.

CEDO's work is supported by our valued partners

Sponsorship Opportunities

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