Expansion, Retention, and Development

Fostering a self-sufficient region and economy through collaborative programs.

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Building a Thriving Local Workforce Ecosystem

Thriving starts locally. By opening doors to opportunity, we build a self-sustaining ecosystem where students transition into well-paying local jobs, businesses support fair wages, and workers enjoy accessible childcare and transportation.

When we meet these fundamental needs, our community retains its talent, preventing worker shortages and stabilizing our local economy.

To support this vision, our specific objectives span various sectors, from transportation to manufacturing. We ensure that traded-sector companies thrive through targeted strategies such as business expansion, retention, on-the-job training, career tours, and job fairs.

Unlocking Potential with On-The-Job Training

CEDO facilitates on-the-job training programs designed to develop workforce skills and enhance employment opportunities. Providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge helps individuals thrive in their careers.

Choose Trade school over College or University - PTT EDU

Vocational Trade Schools are benefitting students more than attending colleges. Traditional-college enrolment in the US rates doubles in the pandemic. PTTI EDU
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Empowering Lane County through Bridge Lane

Bridge Lane unites the diverse communities of Lane County, providing valuable resources, support, and opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Explore Exciting Careers and Job Opportunities

CEDO organizes career tours that provide valuable insights into various industries and job opportunities. Join us to gain knowledge and inspiration for your future career path.

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"When I got a job outside the university, it opened up my eyes to a whole business world I didn’t know existed. If you don’t have a knowledgeable connection, how do you know something exists?"
Nicole Desch

Co-founder Nicole Desch

Collaborate with Intention

We believe that the vision of bringing the local median income to that of the national average requires new thinking and a strategy that is anchored in authentic regional partnerships. Collaborative EDO invites anyone interested in joining the work of economic development in Lane County to reach out.

CEDO's work is supported by our valued partners

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